Children's killer in Sana'a

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2019-08-08 12:34:30

Recently,  in the complete absence of control of the Ministry of Health in Sana'a on clinics and pharmacies and its focus on drug deals, smuggling and looting methods, two children were killed by a serial killer claiming himself to be a doctor, the last of his victim was taken place before three days ago, although he has a criminal record, the judiciary did not stop him or close his clinic

A year ago, the child Ahmed AbdulRahman and his father went to Ibn Hayyan clinic in Hezyaz area,  without any medical tests, Mohammed Ali La'la' decided to remove the child's tonsils. At that time, La'la' and the child entered a small room that he claimed was the operating room

The so-called doctor La'la' numbed the child three times before doing the operation, the child spend a long time in the room, the result was the child came out a dead body

After this incident, which carries all the meanings of oppression and disregard of people's lives, the problem was solved and its file was disappeared in the Houthi judiciary. The serial killer, the so-called doctor, returned to open his clinic, and the Houthis forgave him for his first crime

He continued working in his clinic for only two years, the victim this time was Mohammed Ali al-Ewi, his mother went to the killer's clinic as her child was suffering from tonsillitis

The killer checked him and decided to remove his tonsils and told his mother that he would do the operation for a half an hour. After agreeing on the price and so on, he entered the death  room in his clinic, where he was killed before that child Ahmed AbdulRahman

The mother waited for her son from 8 am to 11 am, and when the mother started to worry about her son, she called out to the doctor, but he was reassuring her every time that everything was fine

The mother insisted to take her son for fear of the long time spent in the room, but nonetheless, however, the killer refused and continued because of his crime, she tried to enter to find out what is suffered by her son, but he refused and remained in his arrogance and his claim to be a doctor until the child was killed
All hospitals in Sana'a are full of the wounded in the Houthi fronts, and the clinics open without controlling and following up, according to sources at the Ministry of Health confirmed that the many stories have been taken place in Sana'a clinics and other provinces, the Ministry gives a lot of licenses to open clinics in exchange of small amount of money and a few certificates, impersonating the medical profession is as easy as possible now

When the Minister of Health in Sana'a directs all his attention and work on the military side, his biggest concern is to satisfy Al-Sayyed, referring to Abdulmalik al-Houthi

He forgot that he should take care of the lives of the patients that are killed without his concern, these are the consequences the people carry on their shoulders and swallow their bitterness every day under the rule of the Houthi militias

This incident that is taken place in the clinic, we did not find someone to be asked or demanded, there is no Inspection, there is no a State or an Authority it may concern, if these issues and the lives of people receive attention to what had happened twice and in the same place, but in any case we demand to execute " who claimed himself as a doctor, to death

Imagine a mother's feeling when she waits for her son to come out then she is shocked when she is learned about the death of her son, and what she now feels to reprimand herself for coming to this clinic, and I'm ashamed that this is happening in Sana'a