The low level of education in Al-jumah in Mocha .. Decline in performance and lack of teaching staff and the absence of  textbook

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2019-10-15 12:37:17

Al-Shaheed Al-Zubairi school today suffers from low education as is the case with all the schools of Al-Ozla located north of Mocha.

The principal of the school, Ahmed Khaled Zaid, said that there are several factors for the decline of education in Al-Ozla, including: the failure of parents to follow up their children, and the absence of teachers to attend and perform their duties, citing war and fronts, and the absence of textbooks.

Zaid adds that the non-deduction of tuition fees for those who missed classes by education, made most of the teachers disregard the daily attendance, in addition to that the school is now receiving a large number of students after the closure of five schools in iAl-Ozla, making the first grades up to five classes, where in each class there are 150 students.

He pointed out that the numerical density in the classes, is also a reason for the decline of education and the inability of the teacher to monitor each student.

 For his part, says Professor Qasim Hindi, the decline in education is no longer a monopoly on Al-Jumah as much as a national problem, but believes that the lack of control of parents for what is going on with their children and not to follow them continuously is one of the main reasons.