Three deaths and four were captured from Houthis militia in Dhale’ and decrease of attacks under the pressure of heavy losses

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2019-10-15 12:43:19

The southern joint forces foiled an infiltration attempt by Houthi militias on Monday evening in Silat Homan, killing three and wounding others and captured four Houthi militias, a news reporter said.

Houthi attacks, which continued within four days after the liberation of al-Fakhir, al-Jab, Baja, al-Zubayriat, Shakhb, and other areas and locations, were reduced in a lightning military operation that began Tuesday, confining the militias to their last positions in Houd al-Oud between Ibb, al-Dali 'and al-Hasha district.

NewYemen field correspondent in the front of northern Dhali, early Monday morning, October 14, 2019, said that light skirmishes and intermittent fire, cut off a general state of cautious calm prevailed fronts of fire and clashes advanced on both sides of Al-Fakher and Jeb through the areas of Battar and Habil al-Abdi during Monday night, hours after the last Houthi militia attack was aborted on a day full of Houthi clashes and heavy losses