Military escalation, field mobilization and obstruction of the work of "Joha" committee in Hodeidah

@ Al-Hodeida/Mocha – English

2019-10-15 16:49:40

A field source in the joint forces explained that the Houthi militias carried out fierce artillery shelling in the Durahimi Directorate using heavy 120-mm mortar artillery, where the projectiles landed near the positions of the forces.

The source added that the Houthi militias fired heavily on the positions of the forces using 12.7 weapon and various types of machine guns.
In the city of Saleh in Hodeidah, militias targeted joint forces positions with various types of medium and heavy weapons and artillery shells.

 During the past 24 hours, the Houthi militia has paid significant reinforcements to various areas of Hodeidah, including materiel, weapons and drones.

According to military sources in the field that the militias sent hundreds of armed men and vehicles carrying heavy and medium weapons towards the areas of Irfan and Admi south of Hodeidah.

 In addition, military sources said that the militia brought reinforcements to Al-Jablia areas and Tahita and Al-Jajah and created new positions there.
The sources confirmed that the reinforcements included drones and a large amount of IEDs and mines of different sizes.

 The Houthi militias, Iran's arm in Yemen, continued to put obstacles before the Joint Coordination Committee in Hodeidah for the second time, with the arrival of the new head of the Hodeidah Mission and the Coordinating Committee, General Guha.