The family of the Yemeni journalist calls for the release of their son who is detained in Taiz security prison

@ Aden – English

2019-10-15 17:20:59

The family of journalist Hani Abdul-Habib, known as "Waseem al-Yamani" demanded from the security and judicial services the speedy release of their son, who has been detained in prisons since the beginning of last week in the city of Taiz.

This came during the protest they carried out with a number of activists and citizens of Taiz province in Jamal Abdul Nasser Street, to demand the security authorities to release him from the security administration prison in Taiz.

The father of the journalist Newsyemen: that their implementation of the protest came after they were unable to release him by legal and peaceful means since he was arrested, last Wednesday, in front of the building of the security department in Taiz.

Gunmen in the security department arrested the Yemeni journalist in front of the administration building after he came with his father to know why police were sent to his house, which led to the arrest him by the gunmen for insulting the leadership of the Taiz axis.
A security source told Newsyemen that the Yemeni journalist had started a hunger strike since yesterday to protest against his arrest, which worsen his mother condition after she refrained from eating and announced a hunger strike until her son's release.

Abdul Habib, the father of Wassim al-Yamani, said that his son's arrest came against the backdrop of anti-corruption in the Taiz axis, as well as anti-financial corruption in the Republican hospital in Taiz and his publication on social media documents to confirm this.

Yamani's father called on the interior minister and Taiz governor to intervene quickly to stop the injustice and abuse of his son, also he demanded that the body that committed this act be held accountable and that it violated the law stipulating that no citizen may be imprisoned for more than 24 hours, and that he be released or referred to the competent prosecution.

For his part, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Square of Rights and Freedoms, Dr. Abdul Halim al-Majashi, issued a memorandum to the head of the Public Prosecution to intervene in the release of Al-Yamani and to stop those actions that violate the law by the security men and refer the case to the competent authorities in Taiz.