Houthi militias stipulates to open a single crossing in Taiz to negotiate with Islah leader

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2019-10-15 19:14:41

The Houthi militias stipulated to open a humanitarian crossing in Taiz for the citizens, to be an agreement with one of the sheikhs of Islah Party, and that the militias will determine the crossing and not Taiz authorities.

Houthi leader Ali al-Qurashi said he had informed Sheikh Marsh Abdul Jalil that the militias were ready to open the Ghorab Crossroad, Sharab, and that he, Sheikh Marsh, would manage the negotiation process and begin arrangements with the Houthis.

Al-Qurashi, who was appointed by the militias as a member of the Shura Council and is one of its most prominent leaders in Sharab, said that the Taiz authorities' talk to the other side in the north was not part of the agreement.

The minister of the unrecognized militia government announced last weekend that Houthi militias were ready to open roads in Taiz in exchange for the declaration of a ceasefire on the road.