WHO receives more than 78,000 disease reports in Yemen

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2019-11-20 11:42:24

The World Health Organization (WHO) has received more than 78,000 disease reports in Yemen since the beginning of 2019 through the electronic disease early warning system.

The United Nations said in a statement on Tuesday, there are about two thousand surveillance sites are working to monitor and report electronically 28 deadly epidemic diseases such as: cholera, dengue, viral hemorrhagic, measles, whooping cough and polio.

The system is being expanded by adding new surveillance sites each year to cover more areas around Yemen and protect people from outbreaks of potentially fatal diseases, the statement said.

More than 90% of surveillance sites provide accurate and rapid reporting, which enhances the ability to prevent infectious diseases in the community and helps protect Yemen's deteriorating health system.

The scope of the expansion is significant compared to 400 surveillance sites created at the beginning of the war in 2015, which was at the beginning of only 16 diseases.

The health sector in Yemen is suffering from a severe deterioration due to the worsening conflict, which led to the spread of epidemics and diseases and the closure of a large number of health facilities