Legitimacy is seeking assistance from the Security Council to save Marib

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2020-09-21 19:24:26

 The leader of the Southern Transitional Council, Ahmed Omar bin Farid, commented today, on the government of interim President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, to an emergency meeting of the Security Council regarding Marib.

Ibn Farid said on his Facebook account that the call reflects the weakness and defeatism that the legitimate forces have reached against the Houthi militia.

He added, addressing the legitimate government, "It would have been more appropriate for you to direct your forces that mess in Shuqra and those that kill civilians in Seiyun to Marib instead of this humiliating call."

And he continued, "As for Hodeidah, it is the forces of the southern and Emirati giants that were in the face of Houthis, not your forces."  According to what he said.