"Duffs" reveals the attempt by the staff of brigade al-Zamaki to enter Aden with false identities

English - Saturday 07 November 2020 الساعة 07:43 am
Abyan, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

The "Duffs" point in the governorate of Abyan arrested a military commander in the Brotherhood coalition fighting in the Shuqra front, while trying to infiltrate the capital, Aden, with forged IDs on Thursday evening.

The deputy commander of the point, Hussein Halboub, said, in a statement to NewsYemen, that the point captured the staff of the Third Brigade, presidential protection Mustafa Mahdi, while he was on his way to Aden.

Halboub indicated that Mahdi was arrested along with two other people who were coming from Abyan areas under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood on their way to Aden.

The moral guidance of the security belt in the governorate of Abyan published the details of the arrest of Mahdi and his companions.

The Abyan Belt statement said that Mahdi was arrested while trying to enter Aden on a Santa Fe car, accompanied by two others, all of whom were carrying forged cards.

Private sources said that the leader, Mustafa Mahdi, told the members of the point upon his arrest that he was returning to his home and had left the Brotherhood forces and wanted to live as a citizen as he was years ago.

Another military source said that the reason for Mahdi leaving the Third Brigade camp and returning to Aden came because of a dispute with the brigade commander, Brigadier General Luay Al-Zamaki.