The Brotherhood demands the handing over of the remaining fronts in Shabwa to the Houthis

English - الأربعاء 20 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 08:13 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen

The Muslim Brotherhood has begun to openly pave the way for public coordination with the Houthi militia to restore the 2011 alliance that caused the fall of the state and led the country to Iranian control and a devastating war for 7 years.

In the latest situation, the Brotherhood's media personality, Anis Mansour, appeared in a video recording, calling on the Muslim Brotherhood forces to hand over the remaining fronts to the Houthi militia, especially the fronts in Shabwa governorate.

Anis Mansour said that the participation of Commander Adel Al-Masabi at the head of any military force in the war against the Houthis means targeting the Islah forces, accusing Riyadh of working to weaken the reform in the field in favor of other forces.

 Mansour addressed the Islah party units in the field to abandon the fighting and hand over the positions to the Houthis, and that there was no reason for them to fight against the Houthis.

Observers believe that the call of one of the most prominent voices of the Brotherhood affiliated with Qatar, the coordinator of the Houthi and Islah alliances, is not intended as a personal opinion, but rather a message or an organizational circular to the Brotherhood's media and activists, and Mansour was chosen to release the message because he was previously freed from any pressure to play these roles.

Mansour, who tried to confirm in his speech that he is no longer affiliated with Islah, opened the video clip he posted on his YouTube page with a song by reformers, which is the last artistic product with which Islah opens its organizational meetings.

Anis Mansour included a Brotherhood message that blackmailed Riyadh when he called on the Islah forces to make way for the Houthis to invade the border with the Kingdom, cancel the border agreement and restore Yemeni lands, he said.

Mansour's call comes in conjunction with discussions by activists in the Islah party calling for the formation of a coup military entity, and for coordinating military positions with the Houthis away from the Arab alliance.