Saleh Wadih..Brotherhood officer in Sanaa directs crimes in Aden

English - الأربعاء 08 ديسمبر 2021 الساعة 10:07 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

Saleh Al-Haddad, who is accused of carrying out the Aden airport bombing, which killed more than 30 people and wounded, revealed the Houthi-Brotherhood's efforts to target Aden and undermine its security.

Al-Haddad, an officer in the Transportation Brigade of the Presidential Guard, appeared in videos released by the security committee in the capital, Aden, driving the car bomb, then parking it near Aden International Airport and detonating it.

Al-Haddad came out, the day before yesterday, in a video and through the Balqis channel, claiming innocence, but speaking from areas controlled by the "Houthi".

His presence with the Houthis confirms what the security services published about his relationship with the Houthi militia.

What makes an officer in the legitimate government say that he follows the legitimacy and is ready to surrender himself to Hadi's Interior Minister who is in the areas of the Houthi authorities?

Al-Haddad, who is close to the leader of the Brotherhood's Transportation Brigade, "Amjad Khaled", is accused of a number of crimes, including the assassination of photographer Nabil Al-Qaiti, who was shot dead by gunmen in front of his house in the Dar Saad district, last year.

The journalist, "Murad Muhammad Saeed", who is close to the martyr Nabil Al-Quaiti, said that Saleh Al-Haddad is the first accused of the Al-Qaiti assassination.

And on Monday evening, the terrorist Al-Haddad appeared on the Brotherhood’s Belqis channel from Sanaa, on the Yemeni evening program, attacking security in Aden and claiming his innocence of the accusations.

The channel polished Al-Haddad and denied the statement of the security committee, despite all the evidence and his pictures of him leaving his booby-trapped car near the airport before detonating it, and the confessions of one of his relatives.

Sheikh Salem Al-Khulaifi said about the appearance of Al-Haddad, "The terrorist Saleh Wadih Al-Haddad is in Sanaa, and the calamity is that the Belqis Brotherhood channel is working with him on a television interview in the heart of Sanaa."

He added, "We said before that the Brotherhood and the Houthis have a joint political, media and military operations room."

The Brotherhood channel deliberately did not mention the place of mourning, despite its appearance directly via satellite.

A day before his appearance in Belqis, he had appeared on Facebook praising the Houthis for not arresting him, confirming security statements in Aden about his presence in Sanaa.

The fight against terrorism in Aden published documents about sums of money that Al-Haddad received from Sanaa to carry out the operation.

Political writer Khaled Salman said, in a tweet to him, "The money transferred in favor of Wadih Al-Haddad, accused of the Aden bombings and the airport gate, and the flow of money between Sanaa, Taiz and Aden under the supervision of Amjad Khaled, the arm of Mohsen, confirms that the successive Aden bombings are managed from a three-sided political security side, Islah.  The Houthis are legitimate, and whatever the differences between them, Aden remains their common goal."

The security in Aden had confirmed during the past years that the perpetrators of terrorist operations in Aden had received money and explosive devices from Sanaa, with the facilities of Brotherhood leaders and elements.

And the former Minister of the Interior, Ahmed Al-Maysari, said in a press conference that investigations revealed the presence of Houthi hands in a number of crimes.