Noman: Changing the board of directors of the Central Bank is the most important decision since 2015

English - الأربعاء 08 ديسمبر 2021 الساعة 04:52 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

Ambassador Mustafa Ahmed Noman considered that the recent presidential decisions related to changing the board of directors of the Central Bank,The most important decisions since 2015

He added, "His trust in the new governor, Ahmed bin Ghaleb, has no limits."

Noman said, on his account on "Twitter", that the decisions related to the Central Bank that were issued (Monday) are, in my opinion, the most important since 2015;  And if it is implemented, it will reach the bottom of the corruption that struck the most important institution in the state and was manipulated and looted, and it was an outlet for corruption for everyone who managed it and dealt with it.

In the context, economic journalist Majid Al-Daari confirmed that the task of the new administration of the Central Bank headed by the Governor, Ahmed bin Ahmed Ghaleb, is difficult at this stage, especially if the decision to appoint her is not accompanied by the announcement of a deposit or a financial grant that restores the bank’s cash reserves.

Al-Daari said, in a tweet on Twitter, that the decision to appoint Ahmed Ghaleb as governor of the Central Bank is a fateful decision linked to everyone’s hopes for his ability to save the economy and currency of a nearly collapsed state and satisfy the most starving people on earth.

He considered that the late appointment of Ghaleb is a difficult test for his personality and skill, and comes after the inability of legitimacy, the bankruptcy of its bank, and the failure of his administration to provide any service to citizens.

While the economic journalist, Mustafa Nasr, stressed the need to provide support to the new administration of the Central Bank, in order to succeed in curbing the catastrophic collapse of the currency.

Nasr said, on his Facebook account, that the appointment of a governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, a deputy and a board of directors is an important step at the present time, calling on the presidency, the government and the coalition to provide full support in this difficult stage.

He said that the new administration has experience in the economic and administrative fields, international relations and a good reputation, which is its strength, pointing out that the problem has become bigger and deeper than partial solutions.

He explained that the stage needs urgent government reforms, especially in fiscal policy, and most importantly, the administration's return to work directly from within.