Southerners: Targeting the UAE revealed the pain of Iran's militias and their arms

English - الاثنين 17 يناير 2022 الساعة 08:27 م
Aden, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

Southern politicians, journalists and activists have shown solidarity with the sisterly UAE against Iranian-Houthi terrorism, following a terrorist attack targeting Abu Dhabi International Airport.

 Through the hashtag (#Emirates_in_the_hearts_of_the_southerners), the southerners strongly condemned and denounced the terrorism that the UAE lands were subjected to, stressing that "what affects the UAE affects the south of Arabia."

Lutfi Shatara, a member of the Transitional Council, said that when the Houthis' pain and losses intensified, the morale of his militia collapsed, and his leaders were confused, he would become hysterical. The UAE hurt them by the strength of its participation alongside Saudi Arabia in Decisive Storm by air, land and sea, noting that this terrorist act confirms that the coalition revealed the truth of the role that it plays.  By Sanaa militias in destabilizing security and stability in the region.

Journalist Iyad al-Shaabi said that the meetings of al-Houthi Muhammad Abd al-Salam with the Iranian president and the Secretary-General of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council in Tehran, coinciding with the attack against the UAE, revealed that the Iranian decision, and that the victories of Shabwa confused Tehran's calculations. 

The southern leader, Wadah bin Attia, said that Iran is suffering from the Houthi defeats in Shabwa and Harib because it has disrupted Iran's negotiating hopes in the Iranian nuclear Geneva negotiations, so it is taking revenge on Emirati civilian facilities.

 The activist, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Rabbab, confirmed that the victories of Shabwa scattered the papers of Iran and its Houthis, and behind the curtain the Brotherhood, which was about to complete its arrangement in Shabwa and Marib, and brought them back to the starting point.

 And a tweeter called Al-Fakhr wrote: All the people of South Arabia will be human shields for the Emirates.  We will not be let down by our victory, our support, our army's structure, its training, and its arms. We will exchange loyalty for loyalty, and we will be their support and support as they were ours.. The UAE is a red line.

While Al-Yafei said, the targeting of the UAE is the biggest evidence that it hurt Iran's militias and its arms in the Arab region and had the greatest role in breaking the expansion of the Persians in the Arabian Peninsula.