The escalation of the terrorist alliance’s attacks against Aden and the south..a message of challenge to the Presidential Council

English - الاثنين 16 مايو 2022 الساعة 07:27 م
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 The assassination attempt on the Chief of Operations of the Fourth Military Region, Major General Saleh Ali Hassan, by targeting his convoy with a car bomb in the capital, Aden, represented the latest episode in the series of terrorist operations that have targeted the southern governorates since the stability of the leadership of the Presidential Council and the leadership of the state in Aden.

The incident was preceded by a series of terrorist attacks in the southern governorates, the most violent of which was the attack in the city of Al-Dhalea by al-Qaeda militants on the sixth of this month, which resulted in the killing of two of the most prominent security leaders, Walid Al-Dami, the deputy commander of the security belt in Al-Dhalea.  In addition to the commander of the Sixth Brigade, Southern Resistance, Muhammad Al-Shobaji

One day after the attack, a crew of the Southern Giants forces was ambushed in the Al-Mahfad district of Abyan governorate, wounding 7 soldiers, while the governorate witnessed the kidnapping of 6 vehicles belonging to the giants within one month by suspected al-Qaeda militants.

On the other hand, Shabwa governorate witnessed, last Saturday, gunmen detonate an oil pipeline in Mayfa’a district, just two days after the security forces thwarted a similar bombing attempt in the Al-Saeed district, and a month earlier, gunmen blew up a gas pipeline in Radhum district.

The series of terrorist incidents and attacks coincided with media reports that talked about recent meetings in Al-Bayda governorate between leaders of the Houthi terrorist group and leaders of Al-Qaeda terrorist organization with the aim of coordinating terrorist operations in the liberated southern governorates.

The government confirmed, through its Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Eryani, the existence of this coordination. Al-Eryani commented on the attempt to assassinate the head of operations of the Fourth Military Region, as "confirming once again the coordination between the Houthi militia and the terrorist organizations "ISIS and Al-Qaeda."

Fahad Al-Sharafi, advisor to the Minister of Information, believes that plunging the capital, Aden, into the quagmire of terrorism and failure, is an old/new scheme, stressing that the responsibility to confront this scheme and those behind it today rests with the Presidential Leadership Council, "far from all forms of courtesy and equivocation," he says.  

Al-Sharafi confirmed, in his tweets on Twitter, that the first beneficiary of the destabilization of the security of the capital, Aden, is the Houthi project, adding: But he cannot work alone, as there is high service and coordination between him and other parties, and there is generous external support, which funds terrorist cells and operations  And sabotage in Aden and the south in general.

Ambassador Muhammad Jumaih, for his part, expected that Aden would witness terrorist operations such as the one that occurred on Sunday, pointing the finger at the Houthi militia of being behind these operations.

And he said, in a tweet to him on Twitter: The announced truce may prevent Al-Houthi from targeting the city with Iranian planes and missiles, although he did not respect this truce in other places.  leaves.

 Meanwhile, Shura Council member Essam Shreim asserts that the terrorism file will be moved in the capital, Aden, "by local and possibly regional or international parties to confuse the scene," he said.

Addressing his speech to all parties in Aden, especially the security and military agencies, the aim is to "confuse the scene, distract you from the basic trends, keep you away from the priorities of the stage, sow a state of distrust and mutual accusations, and create a state of conflict... Be careful."