Why was Saudi Arabia late in realizing Hadi's sin?

English - الثلاثاء 24 مايو 2022 الساعة 04:48 م
NewsYemen, written by/ Muhammad Abdulrahman:

 Saudi Arabia was very late in realizing the mistakes and sins that Hadi was embracing and practicing as a kind of political games to stay in power.  This delay, which incurred a great cost to Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The cost of Hadi’s sin would have been much lower if there had been a conscious listening to the voices calling for Hadi’s early removal, and before Hadi’s spread to all the joints of legitimacy and impeded the coalition’s work in completing its return to Sana’a

Saudi Arabia believed that Hadi could make a big difference in the course of transformations in Yemen, and gave him a large financial cover and a wider space in international relations in order to make progress in the course of the war and stop the Yemeni bloodshed by returning and restoring Sana’a, but in return for continuing in the chair outside Yemen he worked and in a manner  Deliberate with the Muslim Brotherhood to create obstacles through corruption and hand over the fighting fronts to the Houthi group with all its equipment and advanced weapons, and the best evidence of this is the sites and camps in Al-Jawf that were handed over with all their large military equipment.

After the December uprising led by the leader Saleh and his companion Aref Al-Zoka in Sanaa against the Houthi priesthood, and after the formation of the National Resistance Forces and the Republican Guard on the western coast and the battles inside Hodeidah, national voices rose to the need to change Hadi or at least reconsider the role of legitimacy and reform its course, but  Those voices were even more inaudible.  Hadi and the Brotherhood were raising problems and escalating media attacks against those voices, especially Tariq Saleh and the Southern Transitional Council, but also on the UAE, the main partner in the coalition, all in order to hide the sins of Hadi’s mistake in his continuation on the chair and to preserve his survival at all costs.

Even Ali Abdullah Saleh, before the Houthi terrorist group betrayed him, was calling and calling on Saudi Arabia not to rely on Hadi, and that he would not achieve anything for it and the Yemenis.  Never a leader.

 Saudi Arabia was trying to listen to the voices calling for the need for change and reforming legitimacy, but regional and international conditions sometimes postponed that, and the Hadawiya and Brotherhood were working intensely so that Saudi Arabia would not hear those voices, and it justified all corruption and defeats on the grounds that it was because of those groups and people who wanted change.  in legality.  And with each time, Saudi Arabia defeated the Hadawiya and Brotherhood side and tried not to lose a battle that it had started with strength, but with the passage of time it cooled down because Hadi remained in the chair, and there must be a way out to restore Saudi Arabia's vitality in recovering Yemen from the claws of Tehran.

The Brotherhood, Hadi’s relatives, and even Hadi himself have exploited regional and international developments and changes, and Saudi Arabia’s preoccupation with important files that affect its national security, so it proceeded to consolidate and expand influence and exploit legitimacy for personal gains and drown the coalition in a mud that cannot easily get out of, and with it extends Hadi and his group’s survival in controlling legitimacy even if the war remained for a hundred years, or the country was torn into small pieces. The important thing is that the man who became addicted to power and money does not change without paying attention to his people. This Saudi preoccupation with other files was the reason for delaying Hadi’s removal in that way he deserves due to his failure the deliberate and unjustified corruption that he and his children and Brotherhood leaders practiced.