The conflict of the Houthi wings rages in Hodeidah

English - Saturday 25 June 2022 الساعة 09:58 am
Hodeidah, NewsYemen, Hadeel Muhammad:

On June 7, the Houthi militia issued a decision, without announcing it officially.  He appointed the Houthi leader, Aziz Abdullah Yahya Al-Jaradi, nicknamed "Abu Tariq".  Associated with the Al-Mashat wing, director of security in Al-Hodeidah Governorate.  Instead of Hadi al-Kahlani “Abu Ali”, who is affiliated with the wing of Muhammad al-Houthi, as part of the struggle of the Houthi wings and their dispute over the sharing of levies, resources and loot.

Sharp differences raged in mid-March between Al-Jaradi "Abu Tariq", who was in the middle of last March.  At that time, he held the position of Deputy Interior Minister of the militia and head of the Preventive Security Service.  And Abdul Karim al-Houthi, the interior minister of the coup on the one hand.  And between him and Abd al-Hakim al-Khaiwani "Abu al-Karar", the head of the Houthi Security and Intelligence Service on the other hand.

At that time, differences and confrontations developed between the security leaders of the militia. In the context of the struggle of dynastic wings for influence and levies.  To the extent of inter-elimination and kidnappings of members and security leaders of the so-called Preventive Security. 

According to informed sources, the disputes started after the establishment of the Security and Intelligence Agency

headed by Al-Khaiwani.  The arrest of leaders in the Preventive Security Service on charges of financial corruption.  On the instructions of Abdul Karim Al-Houthi, Minister of Interior of the militia.  Al-Jaradi accused the Houthis of not distributing the money looted by the Preventive Security from banks and the money of the opponents of the militia.

The conflict ended with the intervention of Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, and the appointment of al-Jaradi as director of security for the governorate of Saada, after he was dismissed from his position as head of the Preventive Security Service.  Under pressure from the militia's interior minister.  Reducing all his powers and stopping his financial allocations that he was getting from levies and the proceeds of fuel derivatives sold on the black market.

After his appointment, recently, as Director of Hodeidah Security, Aziz Al-Jaradi "Abu Tariq", with the support of the Al-Mashat wing and his office manager, Ahmed Hamid.  To seize the governorate’s resources from taxes, customs and zakat fees, especially the resources of the ports of Hodeidah.  Which exceeds fifty billion riyals per month.

Disagreements erupted again between the militia wings, this time over the sharing of Hodeidah's revenues and its port.  Between Al-Jaradi and Al-Khaiwani, who is counted on the wing of Muhammad Al-Houthi.  After the latter refused Al-Jaradi's interference in the port's revenues, and his rejection of the share allocated to them by Al-Jaradi from the port's revenues.

The leaders of the terrorist Houthi militia view Hodeidah and its port as a dairy cow and a source of personal enrichment through the looting of its resources and the revenues of its port and institutions.  While the people of the stricken province are impoverished and starved, and they do not get even some crumbs from those revenues.