Southern demands to enable the Hadrami elite to secure the governorate

English - السبت 06 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 10:07 ص
Hadhramaut, NewsYemen, private:

Southern activists called for the Hadrami Elite Forces to be empowered and secured, especially since they succeeded in presenting a security model that is the best in the whole country.

Southern activists tweeted to demand the handover of the valley areas and the protection of oil companies in the province.

The activists called on the Command Council to expel the forces of the First Military District, which are military forces whose mission is the fronts against the Houthi militias, and hand the province over to the security forces.

Member of the Command Council and Commander of the Second Military Region, Major General Faraj Al-Bahsani, had confirmed the readiness of the elite and security forces to secure the entire province.

Al-Bahsani said, "We have the ability to recruit 10,000 soldiers in the Hadrami Elite Forces and 6,000 soldiers in the security and police departments in the coast, valley and desert to protect and secure Hadhramaut Governorate from any dangers that seek to destabilize security and stability."

The political activist, Muhammad Al-Noud, said in a tweet to him, the people of Hadhramaut in particular and the south in general are calling for the completion of the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement and the exit of the forces of the first military region from Wadi Hadhramaut, and the replacement of Hadrami elite forces in their place.

Al-Noud added, “Six years have passed, witnessing the bravery of the elite men and the greatness of the coalition’s efforts to liberate the coast of Hadramout from al-Qaeda terrorism.”

Activist Khadija Al-Ajili tweeted about the Elite Forces, “This unified Hadrami army that Hadhramout won was a dream for every Hadrami that has come true, and every Hadrami has a duty to stand with it and preserve it.”  The destruction of our army, the destruction of Hadhramaut.

Al-Ajili added, we thank Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani, the leaders on his side, and all those who contributed, helped, worked and trained from the sons of Hadhramaut.

Activist Moein Al-Harbi called for the forces of the first region to be removed first and to hand over all areas, companies and outlets to the elite forces.

Journalist Reem Al-Awlaki said in her tweet, "The Hadrami elite must be supported and empowered, which to this day has proven that it is capable of maintaining the security of Hadhramaut, which represents the south in general."