Al-Houthi abuses Yemenis and international complicity

English - Saturday 06 August 2022 الساعة 07:58 pm
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The images of civilian corpses and the abuse of Iran’s arm in Yemen, in the north and its sons, are increasing daily and with evidence, which, according to international laws, have been elevated to war crimes, but the International Criminal Courts and the United Nations ignore this so that al-Houthi passes peacefully from every predicament, in addition to his support for truces as a warrior’s rest and to lower his list of requests  As usual.

(Even war has laws), according to the rules contained in treaties called the Geneva Conventions, and a series of other international laws and conventions, stipulated;

Civilians cannot be deliberately attacked, nor infrastructure critical to their survival.

It also stipulates that certain weapons are prohibited because of the indiscriminate or horrific suffering they cause, such as anti-personnel landmines, chemical or biological weapons, while the sick and wounded, including wounded soldiers who have rights as prisoners of war, must be cared for. Serious crimes such as murder, rape, or  Mass persecution of a particular group in the name of "crimes against humanity"...etc.

All war crimes are on the Houthi table

All the internationally prohibited crimes committed by Al-Houthi, and even worse, according to all the shy local and international condemnations and the documented convictions of organizations, without the international courts and the international community touching a single hair of it until the classification of Al-Houthi as a terrorist (belatedly) was canceled.

As politicians have said, the doctrine of the “state” sent by the “Houthis” has a fixed principle, which is its backbone, impoverishing the people, starving them and ignoring people. There is no state without that, and spreading permanent conflicts between tribes and regions and in every neighborhood and village and making war a permanent state to drain everything else  And the concentration of wealth in the hands of the gang owners of "state" ..

Some of the crimes of the militia:

Closure of medical facilities

In July, the Al-Maroni Houthi leader closed 1,300 clinics in Houthi-controlled areas after they exposed his corruption and submitted reports about his trading and selling free medicines provided by international organizations for chronic disease sufferers.

The war on education

After the militia began to sectarianize education and change curricula, forcing children to attend summer courses that were bombed with a malicious thought, which resulted in family crimes committed by children by liquidating their family members as a result.

In a new scandal and crime, the Houthi militia in Sana’a ended the right of hundreds of orphans and sons of martyrs to study and education, and their school, “Ruwad Al-Nahda School for Orphans” in Al-Rawda neighborhood, and Houthi leaders seized the building and the floor and established an investment project.

Exclusion of educational staff 

The militias worked to exclude the best educational cadres and replace them with (illiterate) Houthi leaders and supervisors, after their salaries were cut, as the academic Dr. Abdullah Al-Hakimi resorted to work as a bus driver to provide a livelihood for his family.  After the militia cut the salaries of academics and employees in the government sector, since 2016.

Dr. Al-Hakimi has authored 12 books, three novels in print, and three short story collections. He is a member of more than one Arab and international sociology association and institution.

Deliberate killing of civilians

Through the continuation of the military escalation, especially during the armistice period, dozens were killed under the Houthi bombardment through his snipers, heavy weapons and missiles.

During the armistice period from April 2 to August 1, 2022, the Yemeni Observatory documented the fall of 168 civilian casualties as a result of Houthi mines and projectiles from the remnants of war in large areas of Yemen.

abuse of women

 Many women are languishing in Houthi prisons without any legal justification, as many of them have died, while others are still under Houthi torture tools, including the artist, Intisar Al Hammadi, who has been in prison for more than a year and was recently transferred to solitary confinement after human rights sources confirmed that she was subjected to psychological and physical violence.  She committed suicide more than once.