Extensive demands for the trial of Laakab and those involved in the rebellion

English - Monday 08 August 2022 الساعة 07:03 pm
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

The people of Shabwa Governorate, as well as political and journalistic components, demanded the trial of Lakab and his forces and the continuation of purging Shabwa of terrorism and terrorists, after it blew up the situation in Shabwa to return the province to the fighting square.

They praised the forces of the Southern Giants and the Shabwa Defense Forces, which they said always resolve battles and suppress any terrorist rebellion that affects the security and safety of the governorate and the citizens.  Thanking them for their effort.  Praying for the martyrs heaven and healing for the wounded.

Tweeters said: What is happening in Ataq today should not go unnoticed, and the Presidential Council must hold those responsible for these events to account, for the blood of the sons of Shabwa is not cheap.

In a video clip re-published by tweets from the Bayhan war, the special forces led by Laakab, rebelling against the decision of the governor, Ibn al-Wazir, appeared to hand over Bayhan to al-Houthi without any bullets, (withdrawing).

A member of the Transitional Council, Salem Thabet Al-Awlaki, stressed that any encouragement for any rebellion against the decisions of the consensual local authorities in the south, regardless of its source, is political folly, and there is no room for jumping over the Riyadh consensus.  He pointed out that the decision in Shabwa belongs to the governor of the governorate, the head of the security committee, and as required by the security and stability of Shabwa.

In a tweet, journalist Yasser Al-Yafei said, “There is a problem with a balloon that was inflated by the Brotherhood’s media during the events of August 2019 and in fact it is just a tool used by the Brotherhood to tamper with Shabwa and its wealth so that their interference in the affairs of this governorate continues.”

He added, the circumstances of August 2019 are different from August 2022, and the game ended in Shabwa and soon Wadi Hadramout, thirty years of absurdity is enough.

And the tweeter, Lider Al-Janoub, said, what is happening now in Shabwa is a quick surgical operation to eradicate a malignant tumor in Shabwa's body due to Ikhwanjih's opportunistic parasites. Thank you to the surgeon, Dr. / Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki.

The activist, Yahya Sanah, demanded the dismissal and trial of the security director in Shabwa for violating the governor’s directives according to the administrative hierarchy, and said: “There is no forest, the governor is the highest authority in the governorate.”