A wide welcome for the appointment of Qahtan as commander of the second military region in Hadhramaut

English - الأحد 14 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 07:37 م
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On Saturday, the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council issued a decision appointing Brigadier General Fayez Mansour Saeed Qahtan as the commander of the second military region and promoted to the rank of major general.

Southerners congratulated Hadhramaut Governorate by appointing him commander of the second military region, who was a participant in the Saada war, where the presidential decision was widely welcomed.

Regarding the appointment of "Qahtan", the politician Ahmed al-Rubaizi said it was a successful choice, adding: We are very confident that this man will be the best man to lead the second military region, and the best who maintains the security of Hadramout, and defends it, and the south in general.

The Hadrami poet, Abdullah Al-Jaidi, blessed Hadhramaut, a land and a person, for the appointment of its righteous son, Brigadier General Pilot Fayez, as commander of the second military region.

The politician Ahmed Saeed Bahaddad said that Al-Tamimi Corner succeeded in stationing the Hadrami Elite Forces over the Ajar Obstacle overlooking Wadi Amed in Wadi Hadramout and imposing their military deployment within operations that will not stop and will continue until the completion of the deployment of the Elite Forces over the entire territory of Hadhramaut Governorate.

It is worth noting that Major General Fayez, a graduate of Russian combat helicopters, participated in the 1994 war until the withdrawal, and left for Oman. He returned years later, but remained marginalized in Sana’a. He ranked first in the discussion and defense of individual military research to obtain a master’s degree.