The hashtag of the Brotherhood’s war on legitimacy sweeps social media sites

English - الأحد 14 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 08:46 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

The hashtag under the name: (#Brotherhood_War_On_Legitimacy) swept social networking sites to expose the group that is fighting legitimacy in front of everyone and officially, and it is the one who claims to be loyal to it in the media.

The hashtag hit the trend on Twitter.

Activists revealed the Brotherhood's corruption, failure and tampering with legitimacy in their areas of control, especially the city of Taiz, which is controlled by the group.

The southern researcher Saeed Bakran tweeted: "The model of the state in which Islah trades and all the brothers of the world with it was presented by Islah in Taiz."

Bakran added, "Do you follow the diaries of the Muslim Brotherhood state in Taiz?"

"The governor of Taiz does not have the ability to dismiss a school guard or hold him accountable for a mistake," he noted.

In another tweet, Bakran said: "The crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Taiz and their rebellion against the legitimacy represented by the martyr Adnan Al-Hammadi and his heroic brigade and the theft of Taiz's resources over the past years did not fall and the day of reckoning is coming soon."

Journalist Mahmoud Al-Atmi tweeted: “The civil and military state institutions in Taiz did not witness destruction and corruption as they are now, and we have not found in the public office records since Adam’s era an officer in the army and director of a government school at the same time, but under the authority of the Taiz Brotherhood this happens and we have the documents that prove all this nonsense.

Al-Atmi added in another tweet, "The streets in Taiz city have turned into investment lands with the leaders of the Brotherhood." Ask about the real estate offices run by the leader Abdullah Abdel Wahed Mansour, who is close to Salem, and about the number of outlets that were looted and turned into investment lands under the protection of the leader.  

Photographer Abdullah Halabi said in a tweet: "We do not forget that the Brotherhood handed over the southern districts of Ma'rib to the Houthis after they withdrew from it, and also allowed him to circumvent the resistance tribes by withdrawing from Bayhan during the Brotherhood's Ibn Adio period and enabled them to reach the city's vicinity before the forces of the giants intervened and liberated the districts."  

Journalist Arslan Al-Sulaimani also tweeted about the futility and corruption of the Brotherhood, saying: "The brotherhood of Yemen have gone too far and arrogant. 

Their cries for Shabwa today in their media are more than their cries for the fall of Nihm, Amran and Sanaa, because they feel the demise of their hegemony and their loss of the main source of the huge sums of money looting the wealth of Shabwa.