Ridding Wadi Hadramawt from the domination of the Brotherhood... Another test for the Presidential Council

English - Tuesday 16 August 2022 الساعة 04:33 pm
Hadramout, NewsYemen:

The southern street awaits brave steps from the Presidential Leadership Council to end the hegemony and influence of the incubator and supportive forces of terrorism in some southeastern provinces.

And the council of governors, last week, took brave decisions towards the power of the Brotherhood, which is in violation of the legal authority in the governorate of Shabwa, and this step is very important in the south-west.

The southerners are calling for the Presidential Command Council and the Arab coalition to complete the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, whose provisions on the security and military side stipulate the expulsion of the camps in the south to the fronts to confront the Houthi militia.

The southerners view the Brotherhood's camps in the Hadhramaut valley and desert as the real danger that threatens their national project, as well as the Arab project, as these camps are linked to arms smuggling operations for the Houthi militia.

Southern political analyst Hani al-Beidh believes that ridding Wadi Hadramawt of forces loyal to the Brotherhood represents a real test of the strength and influence of the Presidential Council.

Al-Beidh said, in a tweet, that the removal of the military forces from the internal Hadhramaut districts and its valley has become a necessity before it becomes a popular demand for the people of Hadramout, and there is no retreat in it.

Al-Beidh added that its exit from Hadhramaut comes in implementation of the Riyadh Agreement and complements the outcomes of the recent Riyadh consultations, and represents a real test of the strength and influence of the Presidential Council and a criterion for the credibility of the desired political consensus.

He pointed out that the Brotherhood's forces in Hadhramaut showed a clear rebellion and chaos on more than one occasion, and formed dangerous hotbeds for many security issues, violent incidents, killings, instability and repeated attacks on the people of Hadhramaut.

Al-Beidh stressed that the option of dealing with the military forces in Hadramout Valley is ready, in case they do not comply with the orders and the requirements of the stage, noting that the Shabwa events should be a motivating factor.

Al-Beidh demanded an end to these militias and the liquidation of Hadramout from these forces, which are still under the influence of powerful and corrupt forces that have their own agenda and dangerous project.

The southern political analyst, Hussein Laqour, expected a repetition of the Shabwa scenario in Wadi Hadramawt, and the departure of the military forces loyal to the Brotherhood from all directorates of the southern governorate.

Laqour said, in a tweet on Twitter, that he expects the Arab coalition to intervene against the Brotherhood's military forces in Wadi Hadramawt.

He stressed that the correction of the status of Wadi Hadramout became expected after the Brotherhood forces present in it formed an incubator of terrorism and, most dangerously, that it was a major corridor for smuggling and Houthi supply.

It seems that the Presidential Council, with a green light from the Arab coalition, is determined to rid the southeastern provinces of Brotherhood influence and hand them over to the southern forces, as happened recently in Shabwa.

In this context, the southern journalist, Muhammad Buairan, said that the people of Hadhramaut are close to recovering the valley and the desert, stressing that the second strike will be fatal to the Brotherhood.