Families of the forcibly disappeared demand the Islah of Taiz to reveal the location of their families

English - Saturday 24 September 2022 الساعة 07:32 pm
Taiz, NewsYemen:

 Coinciding with Islah’s celebration of its founding anniversary, the families of the forcibly disappeared people in Taiz organized vigils in front of Al-Taawun Park in the city center, where Islah is holding its celebrations.

The protesters demanded the Islah party, the Taiz axis, and the security committee to quickly reveal the fate of the forcibly disappeared and release them.

The protesters held the Taiz axis, which is under the control of the Islah party, responsible for the lives of the disappeared.

According to Umm Ahmed Essam al-Aghbari’s account, on August 6, 2018, armed clashes erupted between the Security Committee and the Abu al-Abbas group, and at seven o’clock that evening, members of the Security Committee led by Yasser al-Aqil and his companions, Tawfiq al-Jundi, Shafiq al-Awar, and Ahmed al-Sayed, stormed our residence on the pretext  The presence of a sniper belonging to the Abu al-Abbas group, and they closed the gate of the building on Father Essam and took the women out to the street and searched the house and kidnapped Ahmed, 16, with his colleague Muhammad Bashir al-Maqtari and took them to an unknown destination.

The mother of the hidden Ahmed Essam continued, her speech that she demanded the various government authorities in the province to reveal the fate of her hidden son four years ago, but all of them did not deal seriously with her demands.  She added: "The authorities and the security and military agencies have been denying their knowledge of the fate of her son Ahmed over the past years until now, and they have not opened an investigation with the kidnappers who are known to her and belong to her institutions, specifically the Military Police and Brigade 22 Mika."

She continued: "We knocked on the door of civil society organizations and addressed human rights and the Attorney General, who in turn directed the head of the Appeals Prosecution Office in Taiz. The prosecution demanded the security, military, intelligence, research and police agencies to reveal the fate of Ahmed Essam, but they all deny their knowledge without any research, investigation and investigation with the kidnappers, despite our filing a complaint in their names."  .

She indicated that her son has not been charged with any charges, and she does not know what the charge of his detention is or where he is being detained, and she does not have any information about him so far.