From repression to stabbing their honor..Houthi terrorism chasing Yemeni women

English - الاثنين 03 أكتوبر 2022 الساعة 10:26 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

As part of the ongoing campaign to expose the abuses of the Houthi entity called the "Alumni Club";  A comment by the daughter of a Houthi leader sparked the anger of Yemenis for abusing women from Yemeni governorates and accusing them of unveiling.

Activists circulated a photo of a comment made by Sakina, the daughter of Houthi leader Hassan Zaid, who was assassinated in Sanaa in late 2020;  It included abuse of the women of Taiz and Aden.

Sukaina’s comment, in which she responded to one of the Houthi elements who supported the behavior of the graduates club;  In it, she referred to the presence of the people of Taiz and Aden in Sana'a;  To claim that women's makeup in graduation ceremonies in Sana'a is due to the presence of women from Aden and Taiz.

Despite the attempt by the daughter of the Houthi leader to justify her opinion and deny the offense;  However, her comment was supported by a number of her followers from the Houthi group.  This is what Yemeni activists considered a reflection of the racist Al-Houthi trend.

Dozens of activists on social media circulated the comments of the daughter of the Houthi leader and those of the Houthi elements who support her;  Considering that it is a clear manifestation of the racist Houthi ideas against Yemenis, which is an extension of the Imamate ideology.

Yemenis keep their memories with the imams’ racist history against them, especially the people of the central and southern regions;  the fatwas of atonement that they issued against them for their rejection of the idea of the Imamate;  With the challenge of their honor and the honor of women and accusing them of unveiling and finery.

Perhaps the most important thing that expresses this;  The imams’ attempt to associate the values of honor and morals with them and their families and negate them from the Yemenis;  They dedicated their own terms and titles, including the title “Al Sharif” reserved for their men and the title “Al Sharifa” reserved for their women.

The moral accusations of imams against Yemeni men and women were nothing but an attempt to cover up the reality of their deviant moral behavior, which was documented in the memoirs of dozens of foreigners who visited Yemen during their rule.