The pillars of the first military region challenge those who demanded its exit from Wadi Hadramout

English - الاثنين 28 نوفمبر 2022 الساعة 09:03 م
Hadramout, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 The Staff of the First Military Region Command, Brigadier General Yahya Abu Awja, Commander of the 135th Infantry Brigade, vowed to address popular demands for the region's forces to leave Wadi Hadramout, stressing that his forces would be "on the lookout" for them.

Abu Awja, in his statements to the Brotherhood's Belqis channel, denied the existence of a text in the Riyadh agreement indicating the exit of the first region's forces from the valley and desert of Hadramout, attacking what he described as the dangerous escalation led by the Transitional Council, stressing that his forces "will be a lookout for them."

The pillars of the region ridiculed the possibility of using force to implement the popular demands to remove the forces of the first region, as he claimed that they had confronted elements of terrorist organizations during the past years, which he described as "ideological elements that believe in death”

In the first comment on this, the head of the executive body of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadramout, Saeed Ahmed al-Muhammadi, during a meeting of the body today, Monday, in Mukalla, denounced Abu Awja's statements, describing them as provocative to the will of the people of the province.

Al-Muhammadi ridiculed Abu Awja's justifications for the survival of the forces of the first military zone under the control of the Brotherhood in Wadi Hadramout, under the pretext of protecting the governorate, stressing that those who need protection and liberation are their land and dignity, which the Houthi militia, backed by Iran, degraded.

He called on the Presidential Leadership Council to respond to the demands of the citizens of the province, and to issue a decision to remove the first military region with its personnel from Hadramout, in implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, stressing the importance of unifying ranks and standing behind the leadership of the second Hadrami uprising.

Abu Awja's statements were widely condemned and angered by the people of the province and activists of the south on social media, who considered them a clear threat to blow up the situation in Wadi Hadramout.

Journalist Iyad Al-Shuaibi pointed out that Abu Awja's statements prove that the first military zone has become a big and time bomb threatening the stability of Hadhramaut, adding: Indeed, for the first time, it publicly vowed to fight the Hadramis, instead of fighting the Houthi militias.

 Al-Shuaibi, in a tweet to him on Twitter, warned of the increasing seriousness of the situation in the Hadramout Valley, and that it might explode at any moment, according to him, stressing that the Presidential Council must resolve its situation, before it is too late.