Haydan's decisions ignite discord in Al-Mahra

English - Wednesday 01 February 2023 الساعة 03:44 pm
Al-Mahra, NewsYemen, Private:

 The governorates of Al-Mahra and Wadi Hadhramaut, in eastern Yemen, are witnessing a continuous expansion of popular protests demanding the empowerment of the people of the two governorates to manage their affairs, in light of the insistence of the Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haydan, to stir up chaos and ignite sedition with decisions that serve the Brotherhood and seek to enable them to rule in the two governorates.

Recently, Minister Haydan issued a decision appointing a security leader close to the Brotherhood from outside Al-Mahra governorate to head the Special Security Forces - formerly Central Security - which was met with popular rejection by the people of Al-Mahra.

The Military Authority of the Army and Southern Security in Al-Mahra carried out protest vigils in rejection of the decision of the Minister of Interior, which excluded the cadres of the governorate and deprived them of their right to hold positions in the military and security services.

Dozens of members of the commission gathered in front of the gate of the Special Forces camp and the office of Al-Mahra Governorate to express their rejection of Minister Haydan's decision.  The participants in the vigils stressed the need for the local authority in Al-Mahra to adopt their fair and legitimate rights and entitlements, to preserve the rights of the people of the province to empowerment at various levels, and to implement the Riyadh Agreement, in both its political and military aspects.

An escalation phase is coming

 The head of the authority, Colonel Muhammad Hussein Al-Jedhi, affirmed that there is a popular rejection of the continuous exclusionary and marginalization practices of the people of Al-Mahra by the government of corruption, explaining that the decision of the Minister of Interior Ibrahim Haydan to appoint the “Al-Majahli” leader at the head of the Special Security Service in Al-Mahra aims to create crises.

 He said that the vigils marked the beginning of a new phase of escalation against the successive government of corruption, the latest of which was the provocative appointment of military commanders from outside the province, ignoring the military and security cadres and commanders from the people of the province, explaining that the Military Authority of the Southern Army and Security in the province had previously appealed through its previous statements.  And the current one to respond to its demands and the demands of the people of Al-Mahra to enable them to manage the affairs of their province militarily, security and administratively.

Colonel Al-Jedhi explained that the people of Al-Mahra sent clear messages rejecting provocative practices and the continued denial of their legitimate rights, indicating that failure to implement their demands and respond to them will push towards taking escalatory steps until achieving all goals in enabling Mahris to manage their security and administrative institutions.

Service to the Brotherhood

 The decision to appoint "Al-Majahli", who is close to the Brotherhood, to head the security apparatus in Al-Mahrah, was blessed by Brotherhood components and leaders who sang during the last period the right of the Mahris to their governorate positions.

 Activist Salem Ali Al-Mahri explains that after the appointment of the military leader, Major General Mohsen Marsa, as the leader of the Al-Ghaydah axis, the Brotherhood media, their activists, and their local leaders in Al-Mahrah launched frenzied campaigns in rejection of the appointment decision issued by the President of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, even though the man held the position of commander.  He worked for the Military Police in Al-Mahra years ago and was appointed by former President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

Al-Mahri activist said that the Brotherhood justified their campaigns against Major General Marsa'a at the time, because he was from outside Al-Mahra and that there are cadres from the people of the governorate who are qualified and deserving of the position, while the real reason behind the rejection of the decision was that Major General Marsa'a did not depend on the Brotherhood's project to tighten control over Al-Mahra.

He added: Today, the same Brotherhood leaders and their media announced their silence and blessing for the appointment of the "Al-Majahli" leader coming from outside Al-Mahra to assume a high security position inside the governorate, and the reason for the silence here is clear in the fact that the appointed man is close to the Brotherhood organization and was appointed by the Minister of Interior loyal to them.

Repeating the Hadhramaut Valley scenario

 The Minister of Interior's decision to appoint "Al-Majhali" at the head of the Special Security Forces in Al-Mahra is not the first to stir up discord and provoke the Mahra street.  During the past year, Minister Haydan issued a decision assigning the Brotherhood leader coming from Marib, Colonel Marwan Mujahid Ali Al-Sabai, to the position of staff of the Special Security Forces in the valley and desert of Hadhramaut.

The decision received a wave of popular anger in light of the protests that took place in the city of Seiyun and the districts of the Valley and the Desert, which demanded stopping work on it and refusing to deal with it, because the decision came to empower the Brotherhood’s authority over the security service.

At that time, the Assistant Executive Committee of the Southern Transitional Council for the affairs of the districts of Wadi and Hadramout desert denounced the decision of Interior Minister Ibrahim Haydan.  And she affirmed her rejection of all decisions to challenge and bypass the will of the people of Hadhramaut in managing their military and security affairs in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, seeking to detonate the situation in Hadramout Valley after they were the cause of detonating it in Shabwa Governorate.