Islah party and attempt to deny the charge of complicity with terrorism

English - الخميس 02 فبراير 2023 الساعة 08:56 م
Taiz, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

 In the first attack of its kind this year, a drone strike, likely to be American, claimed the life of an official of the terrorist al-Qaeda organization, along with two of his companions, in Marib, eastern Yemen, which is under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to media reports, the raid, which targeted a car in the "Al-Samda" area, in Wadi Ubaidah, resulted in the death of Hassan al-Hadrami, the official responsible for manufacturing explosive devices and explosives in al-Qaeda, and two of his companions.

This raid sheds light on the suspicious relationship between terrorist organizations and the Brotherhood in Yemen in recent years, particularly since the outbreak of the war in March 2015, to a situation with which the relationship between the two parties has become more like a solid alliance.

During the years of war, the liberated areas were transformed from the grip of the Houthi militia into the grip of military and security formations controlled by the Brotherhood, to strongholds for terrorist organizations in which they enjoy complete freedom of movement, movement, and activity.

Despite the Brotherhood's attempts to deny this suspicious relationship with terrorist organizations, the repeated US raids targeting the leaders of these organizations in the areas under the group's control make it difficult for its mission to do so.

During the past years, US drone strikes in areas controlled by the Brotherhood have claimed the heads of prominent leaders of Al-Qaeda, which calls itself "Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" and which America classifies as one of the most dangerous branches of Al-Qaeda in the world.

Where the leader of the organization, Qassem al-Rimi, was killed in a US raid in Marib in January 2020, in an indication of the strength of the relationship between the organization and the Brotherhood, by providing a safe haven for al-Qaeda leaders in the areas controlled by the Brotherhood, in return for the former devoting itself to confronting the opponents of the latter.

The governorate of Abyan represented the clearest example of this, as it is witnessing today an open war between the southern forces and elements of terrorist organizations, after these elements remained for three years in the areas controlled by the forces affiliated with the Brotherhood without any objection or clash between the two parties.

Despite the abundance of evidence and facts that confirm this suspicious relationship, the Brotherhood's attempts to deny it are still continuing, and it even resorts sometimes to claiming that it is a victim of terrorism, the latest of which was published during the past days by the official website of the political arm in Yemen, the "Islah Party".

Where the "Al-Islah Net" website published a lengthy file over 4 episodes on political assassinations, stressing that the Al-Islah party is in the range of violent and terrorist groups through a list of assassinations that the party's members were subjected to during the past years, in the areas of the Houthi group and areas controlled by the party's opponents, such as the STC.

Far from discussing these incidents and their backgrounds, they do not depart from their political or criminal framework, noting that some of them are in areas controlled by the Islah Party, such as Taiz, and it has not been proven that Al-Qaeda or a terrorist organization has adopted any of these operations, which makes them a desperate attempt to the Brotherhood accepted to exploit the blood of its members to cover up the suspicious relationship with terrorist organizations.