Lamlas defends his decision: stopping the supply of revenue is a humanitarian and patriotic duty to reject the torture of the people of Aden

English - Saturday 17 June 2023 الساعة 06:33 pm
Aden, NewsYemen:

The governor of the capital, Aden, came out with a clarification about the motives for the decision issued by the local authority regarding stopping the supply of the governorate's revenues for the benefit of the Central Bank, explaining that the decision stems from humanitarian motives and a national duty to stop the torture of the people of Aden, especially in the electricity file.

The governor of the capital, Aden, Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, affirmed the keenness of the local authority in Aden to pursue institutional work, and its commitment to law and order. However, this approach and commitment will not be a restriction on it from performing its duty in confronting and rejecting the torture of the people of Aden and the collapse of basic services.

He added, in a video recording broadcast by the Media Office of the Governor of Aden: The local authority and the local community in Aden reject the practices and methods that lead to the continuation of Aden's electricity status in its deteriorating state, considering that improving this service is one of the simplest rights and demands of the citizen who has been suffering every summer since 8 years since the liberation of the city.

Lamlas said that the local authority's decision to stop supplying revenues to the Central Bank is not a political measure, as some malicious people interpret it, but rather an expression of complete rejection of the government's failure to fulfill its obligations towards Aden, and its use of the electricity file as a tool to punish citizens, indicating that the local authority was keen to keep the revenues in possible.

He denounced the failure to put in place remedies to secure electricity fuel and the absence of sustainable solutions, explaining that this reality imposes on the local authority in Aden a humanitarian and official responsibility and an ethical and responsible duty to take care of our people and prevent their exposure to crises and disasters in accordance with the law and order.

He warned that providing services to citizens and carrying out duties is a guarantee and basis for the survival of state apparatuses and the continuity of institutions, explaining that power anywhere exists to serve the people and not to aggravate and torture them.

The governor of Aden revealed that the local authority has repeatedly demanded that the services file be neutralized from the political conflict, adding that there are those who still insist on using this file as a pressure tool to achieve their political goals without regard for the suffering of the citizen.

The governor recalled that the same repeated crisis occurred in the summer of last year, and that the leadership of the local authority and the political and social elites went to the head of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, to explain the suffering of providing electricity fuel, but the crisis continues to recur every year, despite the directives of the President of the Leadership Council The Presidential Council calls on the head of government to secure and provide sufficient quantities every month in order for the service to be stable, away from absurdity and improvisation.