World Bank: The deterioration of the quality of education in Yemen

English - Saturday 30 September 2023 الساعة 03:40 pm
Mokha, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The World Bank said the last eight years of conflict in Yemen have deteriorated the quality of education and caused students to drop out, according to the views of most Yemenis interviewed over the past four years.

The World Bank added in its new report, “Voices from Yemen,” which is the result of four years of interviews and qualitative data collection, that high-quality education represents a problem in Yemen and that families face great difficulties in sending their children to school.

According to the report, all respondents expressed their belief that the quality of education has deteriorated significantly, with most schools operating on an emergency schedule, resulting in part-time and often discontinuous lessons.

He noted that interviews with families, school principals, and senior officials at the governorate level illustrate the bleak picture of education, especially with regard to the quality of education, enrollment rates, and student dropout in government schools across Yemen.

The World Bank explained in the “Survival in Wartime” report that 18 percent of families have at least one school-age child who has not gone to school in the past 30 days.

The report said that the prolonged absence of quality education could fuel conflict by reducing human capital development in Yemen.

He pointed out that the main reasons for the observed deterioration in quality and dropouts are the lack of availability of teachers, the lack of printed textbooks, deficiencies in infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms, deteriorating household income, distance to schools, and lack of transportation options.