Adheres to Hadi's Legitimacy, partnership with Coalition, pledges to protect northerners, STC mobilize to overthrow government

@ Aden –  English

2019-08-08 12:41:05

The Chairmanship of the Southern Transitional Council called on Wednesday the Southern Resistance to march to the presidential palace in the southern Yemeni city of Aden and to drop what it called "the government of terrorism and corruption loyal to the Islah Party and put an end of its absurdity

"The Transitional Council stressed, in an official statement, seen by NewsYemen, issued after a meeting of its Chairmanship, to "preserve the Legitimacy of President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and get rid the dominance of the terrorist Islah party," the statement said

The statement accused the Legitimate government of plotting against the South and handing the fronts of fighting in the southern areas bordering the north to the Houthis, in an attempt to make way for their return to the south

The Southern Transitional Council stressed on the continuation of partnership with with the Arab Coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE  to stop the Houthi-Persian expansion in the region, as well as the continuation of partnership with the international community in combating terrorism

The statement called on "the leaders, officers and members of the Southern Military and Security Units to stand with the right of the people of the South and its justice Issue

"He called on "governors and directors of security and government and service departments in all provinces in the South to continue to perform their administrative and service functions effectively in their areas, and to confront corruption in all its forms, warning all those who fail to be responsible

The Southern Transitional Council stressed the protection of the lives, property and all the rights of the people of the northern provinces in the South part of Yemen, without prejudice to the security and stability of the South