The brother of the writer, Muhammad Naji, confirms: a complete assassination operation

English - السبت 22 يناير 2022 الساعة 07:33 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

The writer Ahmed Naji Ahmed confirmed that what happened to his brother in an accident that hit him with a motor and then ran over his head in the Al-Hawban area in Taiz was a "full-fledged assassination operation."

He pointed out that the motor driver, "who was charged with the assassination of Muhammad, when he saw him climbing the motor, made a first hit, and it fell Muhammad, then he was not satisfied with that, so he walked over the skull of Muhammad Naji Ahmad al-Nabhani on December 27, 2021, on a wide street near the Rifan complex, and next to a military point in Hawban area.

The writer Ahmed Al-Nabhani said, in a post on Facebook, in which he thanked everyone who consoled him and communicated with him on the death of his brother: "This is something that cannot be explained other than that it is a full-fledged assassination."

The writer's brother, Muhammad al-Nabhani, called on "the Public Prosecutor in Sana'a and the Public Prosecution Office in Taiz to open a transparent investigation into the heinous crime of assassination that Yemeni writer Muhammad Naji Ahmed was subjected to."

The writer and researcher, Muhammad Naji Ahmed, was recently critical of the militia and its influential, directing the arrows of his pen more against the corrupt in the group, which provoked the indignation of many of them against him.

Muhammad Naji Ahmed is considered one of the most famous Yemeni writers, critics and politicians. He is a member of the Writers Union. He has several books and research in literature, criticism, politics, philosophy and sociology.

With his death, Yemen lost one of the greatest intellectuals, writers and authors who enriched the literary and cultural milieu, and contributed to the enrichment and enrichment of the Yemeni library in particular and the Arab library in general in the fields of literature, politics and sociology.