Saleh Habra: Al-Houthi is planning to assassinate me

English - السبت 28 مايو 2022 الساعة 05:58 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen:

 The founding leader of the Houthi group, Saleh Habra, revealed, on Saturday, that he had received a friendly threat of assassination, while holding his group (Houthis) fully responsible in the event that he was killed.

Saleh Habra, the former head of the Houthi political office, said, "One of the brothers from the Houthi leadership sent me a video clip, warning me that there was a third party taking advantage of the situation and attacking me."

Addressing the Houthis, he added on his Facebook account: "Oh, our friends, there is neither a second party, nor a third.  You are the first, second and third party. If anything happened to me, you tried to kill me and Dr. Abdul Karim Jadban (a Houthi parliamentarian assassinated in 2013) in the fourth war,” referring to the war between the government and the Houthis in 2008.

He continued: "This warning reminded me of the warning that occurred to Dr. Abdul Karim Jadban by one of our companions - in reference to the Houthis - about a week or two before his assassination, especially since the video is chronic with blessed rings and the like, as if it was prepared for publication after anything bad happened."

Habra recounted the story of an attempt to kill him with Jadban in 2018, saying: "The Houthis broke into a house in which I lived and surrounded it from all sides. At that time, Jadban was my guest.  And the directions were - according to their words later - to include the arrest of Jadban, and if he refused, then kill him, and if Saleh Habra objected, then kill them both.”

The former Houthi leader said: "This behavior was done with a parliamentarian who has immunity and is known for his role, and he was coming down from Sanaa with a message that includes stopping the war on them - that is, the Houthis - and yet these positions did not intercede for us with them, so how about us today."

He concluded his post by saying: “This is how extremist ideology turns its followers into monsters.”