Boxes, coffins and posters.. Minors between the Houthi sectarian hammer and his crematorium

English - Saturday 25 June 2022 الساعة 11:19 am
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

 Iran’s arm in Yemen continues to take minor children to its frontline incinerators and sectarian courses, without the knowledge of parents (kidnapping), which brainwashing their innocent people to trun them to terrorists completely, as Houthi areas have witnessed a recent increase in the number of family crimes.

The courses created terrorism early

 The terrorist Houthi militia has mobilized all its efforts, starting from the governorate of Saada, a long time ago by attracting students between the third to sixth grades - with a raw mind - to study the Twelvers and Lieutenant Hussein al-Houthi with the so-called (Katatib, or the mosque circles between the age and the Maghreb), allegedly  Teaching children the Qur’an, to rise and expand its terrorism to now cover all the northern governorates and to fight hard to reach the south.

While Al-Houthi recently expanded and intensified sectarian courses and training to carry weapons, imposing them on schools after changing the curricula, especially religious ones, to ensure the continuity of supplying its fronts and the density of its Iranian-backed army with various types of light, medium and heavy weapons.

7 years of international silence

 The Houthi militia takes advantage of the summer centers to recruit children and send them to the battlefronts with the largest recruitment of children in the world.  While the international and international community did not move to save children and stop the biggest crime against childhood and children.  Where will arise purely terrorist generations booby-trapped and brainwashed, as is the case recently.

It is worth noting that the Houthi fronts are led by young people after they underwent sectarian and training courses to carry and use weapons.  The southern resistance, backed by the Arab coalition, was involved in the Houthi war on the capital, Aden, in 2015.  She captured many of the Houthi fighters, all of them from an early age, to be rehabilitated, following the confessions of minors that the militia had implanted in them the idea that they were fighting infidels and that their fight was for the sake of martyrdom, after they were seduced by witchcraft and drugs that were obtained in the pockets of the fighters.

Abdul Rahman is another Houthi's victim

 In a new victim, not the last.  The Houthi militia brainwashed the 14-year-old child, Abdul Rahman.  To return to his home, bid farewell to his brothers, and convey his peace to his mother, to join the al-Houthi front crematorium.  After a Houthi supervisor tempted him to teach him a craft to help his family live.

Umm Abdul Rahman says that she daily goes to the headquarters of the Houthi militia to demand the return of Abdul Rahman the minor, who was taken by the Houthi supervisor in the Habra area without her knowledge.

And after pressure from Umm Abdul Rahman after repeated visits to the supervisors of Al-Houthi.  They admitted that they took the child to a (sectarian) summer camp.  They denied that he was 14 years old and said that he was 19 in an apparent misrepresentation of the ages of minors.

According to the words of a Houthi supervisor to Umm Abdul Rahman, the training of the summer centers takes place in secret places.  Conclusively hoping for her son's return before the end of the 3-month training period, amid lies and fake promises to make the child communicate with his mother over the phone, which has not happened until now.

Confirmed taking supervisors Houthi.  Many similar children from the same lane.  In conjunction with the UN truce in which the war is supposed to stop, while the Houthi militia is mobilizing its fighters and preparing, with the continuation of daily violations since the first day of the truce on all fronts.

Recently.. 20 thousand victims

 Recent official statistics estimated the number of children currently involved in fighting in the Houthi ranks at 20,000.  And confirmed reports of the Ministry of Human Rights in the legitimate government.  The recruited children were distributed to about 2,500 camps on different fronts and areas under the control of the Houthis.