Incitement and distortion... Human rights activists and platforms expose the falseness of campaigns targeting Yemeni organizations and women

English - الاثنين 27 يونيو 2022 الساعة 11:05 ص
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

Fake accounts launched a fabricated campaign against Yemeni youths and girls working in international organizations operating in Yemen, on charges of moral corruption, followed by accounts of people who were dragged behind the campaign's goal.

The Yemeni platform, Sadaqah, said that those who circulated these photos did not mention the name of the organization, the date of the session, the agenda of the session, the budget or other information, and they circulated the matter through an indiscriminate attack without evidence.

indicated that she did not find anything that proves that the pictures circulated are related to the current activities of the organizations.  On the contrary;  We found many of them published in previous years in training courses not related to international organizations.

It said that coach Abdullah Ismail Al-Yousifi, whose training course was shared by the platforms, said: I have taught many courses, and all of them have been on my page since 2014;  These are courses for preparing trainers, the fees of which are paid by the students, and the organizations have nothing to do with that.  As for the games;  They are training exercises on theoretical speech that has been dealt with.

The platform said that it did not discuss in its publication the issue of financial or administrative corruption in organizations, but in a neutral position, as usual, and the images that were addressed have nothing to do with the organizations.

added, we should not be governed by emotion when dealing with such topics, and we should rely on evidence before publishing, and without randomness.

For his part, activist Louay Al-Azazi, said in a post that he followed the publications, reaching the publisher number zero, to find Sabri Dirham Al-Maqtari.  Louay added: "I do not need to tell you who he is, or who follows whom. In the sense that the campaign is fabricated, deliberate, and intended. It is not spontaneous, nor is it a reaction. Unfortunately, many were unconsciously dragged into the campaign."

He considered that the campaign affects the educated and working Yemeni women, and aims to withdraw people's confidence in their daughters, wives, and sisters, and sow doubt in the hearts!  In this way, the campaign will be a contribution to suppressing women and keeping them confined to the home.  And the continuity of the minor view of the organizations.  And the growth of feeling, and belief in the illusion of the cosmic conspiracy!  And sow ignorance, and work on ignoring society.

He hoped not to be drawn into these fabricated campaigns, because it might result in the closure of many relief organizations, and thus harm many beneficiary families, and the closure of institutions.. and other disasters that are expected to occur.

It is worth noting that many of the training course images were fabricated with immoral images, which confirms that they are fabricated and multiple in order to expand the pre-planned campaign and camouflage the reader to be dragged behind it, while some have come to insult and slander the symptoms of Yemeni men and women working in organizations, and the original images do not suggest any moral fall as  most common..