Sanaa.. Houthi leaders invest in government schools to reap large financial returns

English - Wednesday 27 September 2023 الساعة 09:03 am
Sanaa, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, has rented dozens of public schools in Sanaa to the owners of private power plants and telecommunications companies in order to reap large financial returns.

Educational sources told "NewsYemen" that Houthi leaders and influential figures in the Office of Education in Sana'a and the secretariat concluded agreements to rent school roofs for the benefit of power generation plants and telecommunications companies in exchange for huge amounts of monthly financial revenues for the benefit of those Houthi leaders.

The sources added that the rental process came in collusion with school principals loyal to the Houthi militias. The financial proceeds from leasing operations go to the benefit of the Houthi leaders, who have become eager to plunder public money for the purpose of illicit enrichment.

The sources pointed out that the agreements, which fall within a suspicious corruption process and are in violation of the law, stipulate the placement of solar panels for the owners of power generation plants and the erection of communications towers along the rooftop areas of government schools.

According to the sources, the roof of the Sheba Governmental School in Sanaa alone was rented to the owner of a private power station for more than one million and 200 thousand riyals per month.

The leasing process also comes in light of the Houthi militias’ continued refusal to pay teachers’ salaries, citing the lack of revenues for years.

Doctors have warned of the health damage that will affect male and female students in the future resulting from the radiation and frequencies of communications towers, which may lead to the possibility of contracting various types of cancer, such as leukemia, breast cancer, and psychological and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The effect on women’s fertility, fetal deformities, and physiological changes in the nervous system.

During the past years, the leaders of the Houthi terrorist militia have deliberately divided public institutions and sectors in Sanaa and the areas under their control and turned them into revenue cantons for their personal interests as part of systematic plundering of public money.