More than 30 Houthi militias summer centers attract more 2,000 students in one district in al-Hodeida

@ Al-Hodeida/Mocha –  English

2019-08-08 12:38:44

In the following report, NewsYemen monitors numbers and locations of the summer centers held by the Houthi militias only in one of the districts in al-Hodeida province, with more than 30 centers and includes more than 2,000 students that the militias have attracted them to the centers, shown by names and numbers

The epidemic of summer centers, which are like camps and mobilization centers, swept the northern and eastern districts of al-Hodeida, in conjunction with similar centers in the districts of al-Hodeida, and others seized by the militias in the southern districts under their control

The following report shows the 31 summer centers in al-Mighlaf district which reached 31 summer centers in its three areas, al-Mehmadah, Bani Mohammed and Bani al-Barh

The Iranian militias have attracted hundreds of students and juveniles, both male and female, in al-Hodeida and its localities, to the Houthi courses privatized the Houthi sectarian mobilization under the banner of summer centers, which expanded and circulated across the various districts carefully multiplied by supervisors and officials of the Houthi militias in the province