UAE supports Aden airport with electrical appliances, generator

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2019-08-08 12:39:59

The United Arab Emirates has supplied Aden International Airport, Southern Yemen, with electrical equipment, and a generator in order to increase the airport's efficiency to facilitate the movement of navigation and travel after the single generator was stopped working

The UAE has rehabilitated the airport and provided it with inspection equipment and computers to facilitate the processing of passengers to and from Aden

The airport was also supported by an ambulance and buses to transport passengers, and opening a medical clinic supplied it with medicines, according to the UAE news agency WAM

The airport receives a generator with a capacity of 1 MW in order to solve the problem of power outages that cause the airport to stop functioning and impede navigation

The Chairman of the General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology, the captain Saleh Salim bin Naheed praised the UAE support, which will solve a major problem in the airport