Abdul-Sattar al-Shamiri discusses the troubles of the south before the Legitimacy of chaos .. the South will not go away

@ By Abdul-Sattar al-Shamiri – NewsYemen.net English

2019-08-08 19:49:08

A struggle in the South has become a daily activity and a daily coffee for more than twenty years, especially in cities such as Aden, Hadramout, al-Dhale 'and Abyan, where the symbolism of the Southern Movement, the Transitional Council, its men, and the roar of its aspirants of change, which combine dreaming and working together

This qualitative Southern movement has accumulated many lessons, melted the southern act and gave it the ability to distinguish between what serves its cause or hinders it

Therefore, the leaders of the Transitional Council and effective leaders in general will not go far in making any decisions that are not premature and do not serve the people and the cause

The Transitional Council is not a political party. The southerners do not belong to this Council according to lists and cells organized and partisan, they belong to it emotionally, and this is its main strength that it is a revolutionary entity and a political holder and an administrative entity at the same time

The transitional Council holds the southern mood and deals with it and interacts at a high rate, and the relation of participation controls the level and formulation within reasonable limits, but does not control the relation of hearing and obedience, and this gives the southern issue strength where it is not governed by a party or a formal council of a purely technical nature, although it is important to note that the role of the Council in some way, it is organized and arranged for the demands of the masses and is based on its struggle for almost 20 years

Therefore, the repeated events and the repeated engagement with Legitimacy has reasons that may disagree or agree with them, but they are worthy of reflection and debate impartially