Official explains the circumstances of smuggling 10,000 passports to Taiz

@ Aden – English

2019-10-15 18:42:06

An official at the Immigration and Passports Authority in Aden, southern Yemen, explained the circumstances of thwarting the attempt to transfer 10,000 passports from the agency's headquarters in Crater to Taiz province.

Colonel Abdul Aziz al-Abadi, secretary-general of the General Manager, told Newsyemen that 10,000 passports had arrived from the temporary headquarters in Riyadh, Aden in order to be transferred to the Immigration and Passports Department in Taiz.

He added that it was not possible to transfer the passports after arriving from Riyadh on Yemenia flight, because of the recent events in the city of Aden, and was kept in the interest, until the conditions were suitable for transfer.

"We asked the Aden Security Department to issue a passport, and we have given it a permit, including the driver's name, passport numbers and car number," said Colonel al-Abadi.

He said that the passports were "official, non-printed and new with their boxes .. We have explained all the circumstances of the incident in the report that we published."