Two people were killed and a third was wounded as a result of a bomb thrown by a citizen and shooting

English - السبت 22 يناير 2022 الساعة 05:35 م
Ibb, NewsYemen:

Informed sources reported that two citizens were killed and a third wounded as a result of a bomb being thrown by a person, followed by shooting at the time of Maghrib prayer on Friday.

The sources stated that the culprit, Muhammad Ghanem Al-Waili, Al-Sayani District, Al-Arabeen District, had a dispute with his brother, as he threw a grenade at him, killing an elderly person from the same family, Ali Muhammad Al-Waili, and injuring another named Ahmed Musleh Ghaleb Al-Hashi, who was next to the perpetrator’s brother.

The sources added that the killer then fired his rifle at one of the people who happened to pass during the incident, Sheikh Ahmed Ali Murshid Al Arabi, who died instantly.

This incident is not the first in the past years in this district. Dozens of similar incidents have occurred as a result of the proliferation of weapons and the lack of security.

Ibb is one of the governorates in which killings have spread widely since the Houthi militia took control of it in early 2015, when reports estimated that one crime occurs every three hours.