Politicians: The liberation of Ma'rib from the control of the Brotherhood is a first step to liberate Sana'a

English - الثلاثاء 16 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 08:26 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

Politicians explained the Brotherhood's insistence on making Marib a springboard to spread chaos and strike stability in the liberated areas, and how they harness Marib's revenues to combat any success of the Presidential Council and to rapprochement with the Houthis.

Through a hashtag launched by politicians, journalists and activists (#Dowayla_Marib_Brotherhood), they saw that since the Brotherhood leaders from all governorates flocked to Marib, the governorate has been turned into a source for spreading chaos and sabotage in the liberated areas.

The journalist and researcher in Yemeni political affairs, Nabil Al-Sufi, said in a previous publication, that the Brotherhood abolished the “armed forces” army of the homeland to establish militias that were tailored to their size, and they named their militias the National Army.

Al-Sufi pointed out that the Yemeni armed forces, like all components, were divided, and most of them were against Al-Houthi.  The Brotherhood’s legitimacy kept everything as it is: Parliament, the government, the presidency, even the youth and the children’s parliament, except the armed forces abolished it and established a militia that separated it according to their size.

For his part, journalist and political analyst, Sayyaf Al-Gharbani, demanded the dismantling of this militia (referring to the so-called National Brotherhood army).

Journalist Arslan Al-Sulaimani said that the Ma'rib Brotherhood is managing chaos, as the people are the first target of the organization, and the operations room receives it from Qatar's officers, which requires everyone's efforts to eradicate their danger.

The southern leader, Wadah bin Attia, mentioned that about twenty brigades follow the Brotherhood in Marib, Shabwa, Al-Jawf, Taiz and others. All the leadership of these brigades are teachers who graduated from Al-Iman University and the Yarmouk Brotherhood Institute.

He pointed out that all these brigades do not fight the Houthis, and when the Houthis approach them, they hand over the weapons and flee, pointing out that the mission of these brigades is to train terrorists only.

The Secretary of the Media Governor of Al-Dhalea, Najib Al-Ali, wrote: This is how the Brotherhood, like every time when it is expelled from any governorate, resorts to spreading chaos, destabilizing security and stability in it and targeting the southern armed forces, whether by forming gangs or using car bombs to target military leaders.

For his part, lawyer Ali Nasser al-Awlaki said that the Brotherhood's Ma'rib Emirate is the source of evil, chaos and terrorism that has been targeting the southern governorates for eight years.

Journalist Muhammad al-Noud demanded the removal of Brotherhood elements from all parts of the liberated south and north, which he said would be the real guarantee towards achieving stability on the ground, and this would also be directly reflected in the economic and living situation, and this represented a challenge to the Presidential Council.